July 14, 2024
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We Treat Women Too Well “Tratamos demasiado bien a las mujeres” (2024 film) Full Movie Download, MP4, Mkv & Cast


We Treat Women Too Well (Spanish: Tratamos demasiado bien a las mujeres) is a 2024 Spanish-French black comedy film directed by Clara Bilbao [ca] (in her full-length directorial debut) from a screenplay by Miguel Barros based on the novel by Raymond Queneau. It stars Carmen Machi.


Set in 1945, the plot follows the plight of stubborn woman Remedios Buendía, determined not to let some Maquis guerrilla fighters spoil her day.


  • Carmen Machi as Remedios Buendía
  • Antonio de la Torre as Doce
  • Luis Tosar as Antonio
  • Isak Férriz as Bocas
  • Óscar Ladoire [es] as Soria
  • Julián Villagrán as Julian
  • Diego Anido [gl] as Anton
  • Gonzalo de Castro as Aguado
  • Cris Iglesias [gl] as Aurora


The film is based on the novel On est toujours trop bon avec les femmes by Raymond Queneau. It is a Spanish-French co-production by Ficción Producciones alongside Noodles Production with backing from Xunta de Galicia, TVG, TVE, and Prime Video. It was lensed by Imanol Nabea, edited by Ascen Marchena and scored by Nacho Mastretta and Marina Sorín. Filming began in March 2023. Shooting locations in Galicia included the parish of San Simón da Costa [es], Vilalba.

Release date

The film will screen in the competitive slate of the 27th Málaga Film Festival’s official selection in March 2024. Distributed by Filmax, it is scheduled to be released theatrically in Spain on 15 March 2024.

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