July 14, 2024
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The Glassworker (2024 film) Mp4, Mkv | Full Movie Download


The Glassworker (Urdu: شیشہ گر, romanized: Sheesha Gar) is a 2024 Pakistani animated film produced by Mano Animation Studios. Co-produced by Khizer Riaz and Manuel Cristóbal, it is directed by Usman Riaz from a screenplay written by Moya O’Shea. Featuring anime-influenced animation, it is Pakistan’s first hand-drawn animated feature film.

The film premiered at the 2024 Annecy International Animation Film Festival on 10 June and is set to release in theatres in Pakistan on 26 July 2024.

Voice Cast

CharacterVoice actor
Tomas OliverKhaled AnamArt Malik
Vincent OliverMoorooSacha Dhawan
Alliz AmanoMariam Riaz ParachaAnjli Mohindra
Colonel AmanoAmeed RiazTony Jayawardena
Young VincentMahum MoazzamTeresa Gallagher
Nadia AmanoFaiza KaziMina Anwar
Malik KhanDino AliSham Ali
PenniAysha SheikhMaya Saroya
Principal BhattiUsman RiazNila Aalia
Professor AnsariKhalifa SajeeruddinAlex Jordan
Mrs. PopolzaiAysha SheikhBex Wood

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