July 13, 2024
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Singappenney (2024 film) Full Movie Download, Cast & Review


Singappenney (transl. Lioness) is an 2024 Tamil-language Indian sports drama film directed by JSB Sathish and starring Shilpa Manjunath and Aarthi Saravana Kumar.


  • Shilpa Manjunath as Shalini
  • Aarthi Saravana Kumar as Thenmozhi
  • A. Venkatesh
  • Prem Kumar
  • M. N. Dipak Nambiar
  • Sendrayan
  • Madhavi Latha
  • Samuthirakani in a special appearance


The Times of India rated the film three out of five stars and wrote that “Singappenney is a good watch and is made with good intentions. There are numerous scenes and dialogues in the film about empowering women, but none of them come across as if they have been added just for the sake of being woke”. A critic from Times Now gave the film the same rating and wrote that “Underdog stories are not new to Tamil cinema. Especially, if they are well-executed, they never fail to strike a chord with audiences. Singappenney is one such underdog story peppered with moments written with the intention of inspiring motivation and works for the most part”.

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