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Maharaja (2024 film) Mp4, Mkv, Torrent HD Full Movie Download


Maharaja (transl. Great King) is a 2024 Indian Tamil-language action thriller film directed by Nithilan Saminathan, who co-wrote the dialogues with Raam Murali. It is jointly produced by Passion Studios, The Route and Think Studios. The film stars Vijay Sethupathi in titular role, alongside Anurag Kashyap, Mamta Mohandas, Natarajan Subramaniam, Abhirami, Aruldoss, Munishkanth, Manikandan, Singampuli and Bharathiraja in the supporting roles. In the film, a barber tells the police that his “Lakshmi” is missing after a home robbery, only for the police finding his intentions to be something else.

The film was officially announced in February 2023 under the tentative title VJS50, as it is Sethupathi’s 50th film as the lead actor. Principal photography commenced the same month, predominantly taking place in Chennai throughout a single schedule. The official title was announced in July, coinciding with the filming being wrapped and Think Studios by joining as co-producers. The film has music composed by B. Ajaneesh Loknath, while the cinematography and editing were handled by Dinesh Purushothaman and Philomin Raj.Maharaja was released worldwide on 14 June 2024 to generally positive reviews from critics.


Maharaja is a barber by profession living in K. K. Nagar. He lost his wife in an accident where a truck slew into a house they were sitting in. His daughter named Jyothi survives the accident as a metal dustbin covers and protects her from the falling debris. Maharaja and Jyothi later name the dustbin as “Lakshmi” out of affection and they anthropomorphise it.

Maharaja later moves to a new place with Jyothi, now a teenager, and Lakshmi. Jyothi is very active in sports at school; she leaves the city for a sports camp, accompanied by her sports teacher. On a phone call, she asks Maharaja to buy her a new pair of shoes by the time she returns. When she is attending the camp, Maharaja visits the local police station to report a robbery, citing that their dustbin Lakshmi has been stolen, much to the amusement of the station. He recounts the whole incident to them, saying that a group of armed robbers entered his home, physically attacked him, and took off with Lakshmi.

The police initially snub the case, as they believe they cannot invest their efforts and time in finding a trivial object like a dustbin. They ask if the dustbin contained anything of value, like gold, but Maharaja asserts that the dustbin was empty. Despite their constant snubbing and even violent threats, Maharaja stands his ground. They eventually accept the case once he promises a bribe of ₹5 lakhs, then another 2 lakhs so a total of 7 lakhs. Upon further investigation, the cops find that there is more than meets the eye. They initially decide to exploit Maharaja’s desperation, knowing that he will pay what they ask for, assigning former convict Nallasivam for the purpose of ensuring the construction of an identical dustbin.

Past: In 2010 we are introduced to Selvam and Sabari, an armed robbery gang that raids houses at night , and murders and raped women after collecting the loot . As Selvam lives a straight life as a electric hardware shop owner by day, Sabari one day phones him saying that the a daily has published an editorial on their crimes without revealing their names. Selvam happens to be in Ramki saloon for a shave, where Maharaja works as a barber, and he overhears his conversation when he comes back with batteries for his trimmer. Selvam forgets a gold chain at the saloon, that he wanted to gift his toddler daughter Ammu on her birthday . Maharaja found it and decided to return it to Selvam. However, Maharaja and the police arrived at Selvam’s house at the same time, which led Selvam to think that Maharaja snitched on Selvam to the police. The police gun Sabari down as he tries to shoot on cops. Selvam consequently got arrested at his toddler daughter, Ammu’s birthday function in front of Kokila, and other relatives, in a humiliating fashion. Kokila, out of disgust and anger, asks Selvam to stay away from the lives of her and her daughter.

Present: We are introduced to another former convict going by the name of Dhana, who works in a local car garage. After threats by a politician, Dhana seeks him out at a local bar and brutally attacks the politician, impairing him, unfazed by his threats. We see that Maharaja was present at the same pub, and he follows Dhana, who notices Maharaja following him and puts his fellow goons on alert. He leads Maharaja to an abandoned factory, where Maharaja is attacked by Dhana’s goons. However, he fights back, hacks the goons, telling them that he doesn’t intend to kill them, with Dhana being his sole target. A fight between the two men follows, with Maharaja having the upper hand and asks who were his accomplices on the day of robbery . Dhana tells him that one of them is inside the police station itself, and then he stabs Maharaja in the leg. Before Dhana could escape on his motorcycle, Maharaja catches up to him and beheads him.

As the police continue to investigate the case,Nallasivam , an informant, does ensure that a dustbin is casted and dented to make it look identical to dustbin “Lakshmi”. He delivers it to the police, who are gleeful at potentially receiving the 7 lakhs that Maharaja promised. They are however unable to find a petty thief who is willing to turn himself in, as other thieves on speed dial scoff at the idea of being accused for petty theft of a dustbin. Eventually, Nallasivam agrees to turn in as the criminal, saying that he has a penchant for acting. They decide to ask Maharaja over speaker phone to narrate the events of that day again, much to the chagrin of the other police officers. To their surprise, Maharaja recounts the event in the same manner but a flashback reveals the actual event. Flashback reveals that Jyothi had returned from her camp, Maharaja had gone to buy the shoes that she wanted, and got stuck at the shop owing to some delay on their end. When Jyothi was all alone, three men, revealed to be Selvam, Dhana, and Nallasivam, entered the house before her, planning to kill Maharaja. They brutally physically assaulted Jyothi, leaving her battered and unconscious. Nallasivam then proposes to the other two men that they take turns in raping her. Selvam does not do so, but Dhana and Nallasivam go ahead. They end up not killing her, leaving her in that state. As Maharaja comes home from the shop, he sees the sight of his child and reacts in pure horror, howling in pain. It is revealed that she has been kept in their PT teacher Aasifa’s house, with Lakshmi right under her hospital bed. She has only one request from Maharaja – that she wants to see the man responsible for this, and speak with him.

Inspector Varadarajan and his fellow officers Perumalsamy and Kozhandhai convince Nallasivam, now looking rather flustered, to spend the night at their place so that they can comfortably travel to Maharaja’s place the next day to return the dustbin to him. When they arrive there the next day, Nallasivam confesses to his ‘crime’ of stealing the dustbin. The policemen compel Maharaja to give him an appropriate punishment, proceeding to reveal that they found out what Nallasivam did, as when they were investigating Dhana’s death, they found his phone, with Nallasivam calling him. They did some checking using Maharaja’s phone number, finding out the truth and going to the hospital where the doctor informed them of what happened to Jyothi, and that they had collectively carried out the ruse of bringing Nallasivam to Maharaja. They tell Maharaja that he is free to do what he wants to do with Nallasivam and that their team will bear responsibility for it. Maharaja thrashes Nallasivam to death, but not before finding out who the third accomplice is.

Maharaja arrives at the construction site where Selvam works and the two men physically fight. Eventually, Maharaja incapacitates Selvam, and Aasifa brings Jyothi to Selvam. Jyothi proceeds to insult and admonish Selvam, and then tosses jewelry at his face, assuming that he had come there for that. Selvam’s eyes catch a familiar set of jewelry, revealed to be a set that he had bought for Ammu for her birthday – the very set that Maharaja had come to return. It is now revealed that shortly after Selvam’s arrest, Maharaja, his wife, and daughter had come to Selvam’s house to return the jewelry set. Shortly after, when Maharaja had gone to buy Ammu a gift, a truck rammed into Selvam’s house, killing everyone but Ammu, who is saved by Lakshmi. Maharaja adopts Ammu and raises her as his own daughter, naming her Jyothi. As Selvam sees a burn wound on Jyothi’s shoulder, reminiscent of a similar wound on Ammu’s shoulder, he realizes that he had unknowingly arranged for the rape and physical assault of his own daughter. Horrified, Selvam screams in pain for Ammu to look at him, who is unaware of who Selvam is and walks away with Maharaja and Aasifa. Shrouded in guilt, Selvam commits suicide by jumping off the building.


  • Vijay Sethupathi as Maharaja
  • Anurag Kashyap as Selvam
  • Sachana Namidass as Jyothi / Ammu
  • Mamta Mohandas as Aasifa
  • Natarajan Subramaniam as Inspector S. Varadharajan
  • Abhirami as Kokila
  • Divya Bharathi as Selvi, Maharaja’s wife (cameo appearance)
  • Singampuli as Nallasivam
  • Aruldoss as Sub-inspector R. K. Perumalsamy
  • Munishkanth as Constable Kuzhandhaivelu
  • Vinod Sagar as Sabari
  • Manikandan as Dhana
  • Kaalaiyan as Councillor Karunakaran
  • Kalki as a Thief who steals TVS 50
  • P. L. Thenappan as Salon Owner
  • Saravana Subbiah as an Inspector
  • Vetrivel Raja as a Constable
  • Bharathiraja as Gopal Thatha
  • Mohan Raman as Doctor Uncle
  • Poovaiyar as a boy in Salon
  • Lizzie Antony as a victim of robbery
  • Poster Nandakumar as School Correspondent
  • Sangeetha V as Varadharajan’s wife
  • Supergood Subramani as Selvam’s neighbour
  • Mullai Arasi as a thief’s wife


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