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Guest from the Future (2024 film) Full Movie Download, MP4, Mkv


Guest from the Future (Russian: Сто лет тому вперёд, lit. ’One Hundred Years Ahead’) is an upcoming Russian teen science fiction film directed by Alexander Andryushchenko, based on the 1978 Soviet novel of the same name by Kir Bulychev from the cycle about Alice Selezneva. The main roles will be played by Vereshchagina and Edelstein. The novel was adapted as a five-part television miniseries of the same name made in the Soviet Union, which aired in March 1985.

The film is scheduled to be released by Central Partnership on April 18, 2024.


Kolya Gerasimov lives in Post-Soviet modern Moscow, and Alice Selezneva lives 100 years later. Kolya does not think about a future life, and Alice cannot let go of the past. She lost her mother and now she must find her. The meeting of Kolya and Alice will be the beginning of exciting adventures…


  • Daria Vereshchagina as Alice Selezneva
  • Mark Eidelstein as Nikolai ‘Kolya’ Gerasimov
  • Kirill Mitrofanov as Fima Korolev, Kolya Gerasimov’s friend and classmate
  • Alexander Petrov as Jolly Man U, a space pirate
  • Yura Borisov as Glot, the villain
  • Viktoriya Isakova as Kira Selezneva, Alice Selezneva’s mother
  • Konstantin Khabenskiy as Professor Seleznev
  • Fyodor Bondarchuk as Robot Werther (voice acting)
  • Sofia Tsibireva as Altukhina
  • Matvey Astrakhantsev as Victor ‘Vitka’, Altukhina’s boyfriend
  • Maria Maykova-Slidovker as Kolya Gerasimova’s mother
  • Valentin Moiseev as Kolya Gerasimov’s father


Principal photography began on November 2, 2022, in Moscow, and the region of Moscow Oblast. At the end of December 2022, the first teaser of the project was published.

Release date

Guest from the Future is scheduled to be theatrically released on December 28, 2023, but was later postponed to April 18, 2024.

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